Personal Safety For Walkers

NOTE from Peter Attwell
ICE Note

At the AGM I was asked to renew the push for all walkers to carry an 'In Case of Emergency' note (ICE note).
I will bring blank notes with me to the Christmas Lunch walk. Please ask me for one, fill it out and return it to me. I will encapsulate it for and give it back when I see you next.

Peter Attwell


Check the weather beforehand.
Consider the grading of the proposed walk and if you do not think you can manage it at a reasonable pace,
opt out of going or discuss it with the leader.
Ensure that you have appropriate sturdy footwear, warm clothing including hat and gloves and waterproofs.
Weather can change rapidly in hilly or mountainous areas.
You must take responsibility for your own first aid and any medications that you require.
Carry sufficient liquids, especially in hot weather, and sufficient food.
If the walk involves a long journey beforehand, take a spare set of clothes to change into if wet.
Always stay with the group and keep in touch with the leader. Do not go off on your own.

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