Committee Meeting Minutes October 11

Wilmslow Guild Walking Group

Minutes of Committee Meeting Tuesday 18th October 2011

1. Present: Beverly Harrison, Linda Swindburne, Peter Attwell, Donald Henderson, Nigel McKinnell, Bob Hunter.

2. Apologies: Heather Brown has resigned her position on the Committee.

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting/Matters Arising: The Minutes of meeting dated 18th November 2010 were accepted except for the contents of Item 8 third line where BV should read BH.

4. Membership List: The latest position is that we now have 43 members. A fresh members list will be produced by PA.

5. Walking Programme Current/Future:

The Welcome Walk on the 21st September was well attended with 21 members present. Next time we should hold it at least 2 weeks after Enrolment week. A new programme covering the period from 11th December to April 2012 was circulated by DH. BH and LS will arrange walks for 19th Jan to Grin Low and 2nd Feb to Ridgegate Reservoir and Crooke Hill respectively both 8 miles moderate and the list will be circulated to Members again so that it is completed by the date of the AGM on 11th November DH. The Summer programme will in future be from April to September and the Winter programme October to March.

6. Walking Holidays Issues:

No more rooms are available at the Dragon Hotel for our weekend holiday next year. Holiday details should be advertised on our notice board PA.

7. Enrolment Week Outcome:

We attended Enrolment Week and illustrated our activities using photographs and our programme at the stand. It was agreed that next year one person was sufficient to be in attendance at the stand except on the Monday pm when two persons would be required.

8. Constitution/AGM.

Of the current Committee members BH, NMcK and RMH have to stand down from their current positions but are prepared to be co-opted in the case of BH or re-elected to their current positions. LW,DH and PA are prepared to continue to serve. An e-mail will be sent to Members to remind them of the date of this meeting NMcK and RMH will put a notice on our notice board. Terry McLaughlin is preparing a photo presentation of the Spanish holiday and BH/PA will check on progress. Should this option not come to fruition then a quiz was suggested as an alternative BH. For the AGM on 11th November Gill Turner will be contacted by LS regarding catering for the event. RMH will prepare the agenda.

9. Communications/Web/Notice Board/e-mail:

Members thanked NMcK for implementing the e-mail alert system to Members. PA will update his list of electronic addresses to DH.

10. Finance: We have £91.42 available.

11. AOB: PA said he would attend the next meeting of the Guild Committee.

11. Next meeting: Tuesday 22nd November 2011 commencing at 14.30hrs location to be decided by the new Committee.

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