Committee Mtg Minutes

Wilmslow Guild Walking Group

Minutes of Committee meeting held at 10am Monday 9th December 2019 at Wilmslow Guild

1. Present
Beverly Harrison, Peter Attwell, Bob Swinburne, Angela Legge and Carol McLaughlin

2. Apologies
Donald Henderson

3. Minutes of Previous Meeting
Accepted and approved for 9th July 2019. No matters arising.

4. Minutes of AGM
Accepted and approved for 8th November 2019. No matters arising.

5. Walking Programme
32 members attended Joyce’s 90th birthday celebrations.

A six-mile walk followed by lunch at the Miners Arms.

AL sent photos and information of the event for publication on the Guild website and the monthly Guild newsletter.

29 members attended the Christmas walk 2019 and enjoyed lunch at the Midland Marple Bridge.

20 members will attend the Mince Pie and Mulled Wine walk December 2019 as arranged by PA.

DH to send out final call for leaders for the Winter 2020 programme and co-ordinate with BS prior to printing.

AL will liaise with Guild for printing in January.

6. Walking Holiday June 2019
15 members will be going to Lake Garda in May 2020.

Discussions will take place on the Lake Garda holiday with participating walkers to take into account their preferences for the 2021 walking holiday.

BS will research the 2021 holiday and feed back to the Committee.

7. Membership
36 active members to date.

8. Finance
Current balance is £79

Communications / Notice Board
Communications / Notice Board - All working well.

9. Website & Guild Website
PA will remove list of members names (data protection) PA will add extra safety notes for walkers and leaders on the website.

No updates from the Guild regarding the new website.

10. Guild Documents and Safe Guarding
Guild Documents / Safe Guarding and Risk Assessment Committee completed the documents required by the Guild.

CM will attend safe guarding sessions to be arranged by the Guild shortly.

PA will once again reinforce the importance of all members carrying I.C.E. information in their backpacks. PA will distribute the required form to members.

11. A.O.B.

12. Date of next meeting.
To be confirmed

Carol McLaughlin

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