Agm Mtg Minutes


1. Committee Members Present
22 members, 1 guest

7 members

2. Minutes of the previous AGM dated 4th January 2019

Proposed by Bob Swinburne
Seconded by Ellen Simpson

3. Matters Arising
There were no issues arising from the minutes.

4. Annual Report

Current membership is 35.

Beverly Harrison (chair) thanked everyone for attending the AGM.

BH continued by thanking Peter Attwell (website manager) for keeping the website continually up to date as well as being vigilant to weather relating issues informing members of late changes/cancellations off walks.

Donald Henderson was thanked for organising the walking programme.
Angela Legge and Carol Mclaughlin for programme distribution.

Bob Swinburne for producing the hard copy.

December 2018 Christmas lunch
Marple Meander led by Donald Henderson attended by 24 walkers and 3 guests.

December 2018 Mince pie walk
Styal and River Dene led by Peter Attwell attended by 18 walkers.

July 2018 Yoke Ridge Troutbeck Lake District
Adrian Apps once again led a smaller group of walkers on a strenuous walk.

September 2019
Peter Riley expertly led 14 walkers on an Introduction Walk

October 2019
Joyce’s 90th Birthday celebrations a walk around the edges of Lyme Park followed by lunch at the Miners Arms organised by Lynn Davies and Carol Mclaughlin attended by 23 walkers.

BH also thanked all walk leaders who have contributed to a varied programme of walks throughout the year.

5. Election of Committee Positions 2019/2020

Election of Committee Positions 2019/ 2020 In line with the new constitution
Beverly Harrison was nominated for a further three years as chairperson

Peter Attwell and Carol Mclaughlin will serve for another three years
Donald Henderson and Angela Legge will serve for another two years

Bob Swinburne has another two years to serve

Proposed by Lynn Davies
Seconded by David Taylor

6. Topics for Discussion

Treasurer’s Report
Bob Swinburne produced the accounts for the walking group which currently stand at £84.
Bob explained to the members that most walkers opt to pay the annual subscription to the Guild rather than pay £2 per walk direct to the group.
The money raised goes towards the drinks at the AGM and the mince pie walk.

Walking Programme
Sunday walks will be monitored due to lower numbers on recent walks. This is possibly due to weather/underfoot conditions also members on holiday.
Peter Attwell piloted shorter walks (6 miles) and they have been well attended with positive feedback.

View Ranger
Simon Duffy organised an Introduction to View Ranger for members. The session proved to be highly informative, it is hoped Simon will organise a further session shortly.

2019 Sedbergh 10 members all enjoyed a week’s walking in the area
2020 Lake Garda 15 members have already booked

For various reasons it has been suggested that instead of alternating going abroad with the UK, then to go abroad each year. This was put to the vote for holiday walkers only, the result being, 6 members for, 3 members against.

The outcome will be discussed in detail with all holiday walkers and at the next committee meeting.

Beverly Harrison and Carol Mclaughlin represented the walking group at an organised safeguarding session by the Guild relating to the safeguarding of all members on any Guild course.

Carol McLaughlin has volunteered to implement safeguarding into the walking group.
Sessions will be announced shortly from the Guild, and this will also be discussed In more detail at the next committee meeting.

All members to be reminded to keep this information up to date and to carry the card in their rucksack.

7. AOB
No other issues.

8. Date of Next Committee Meeting
Date of next committee meeting 9th December 2019 10.30am, venue Wilmslow Guild.

9. Date of next AGM
First Friday after half-term November 2020 (to be confirmed).

Beverly Harrison ended the meeting by thanking Peter Attwell along with Simon Duffy and his son for producing a presentation of photography with music from the year’s walks for members to watch whilst enjoying a light buffet and drinks.


AGENDA 21st. Annual General Meeting,

8th November 2019



Minutes of the 20th AGM, 4th. January 2019

Matters arising from the minutes:

Annual Report : (Beverly Harrison):

Welcome to the 21th. Annual General Meeting of the Wilmslow Guild Walking Group.

Our current membership is 35. Peter, our website manager (amongst other roles), has been vigilant in keeping any weather induced changes to the programme up to date. Donald, our programme organiser would like to thank the programme production team, Bob, for producing the hard copy and Carol and Angela for organising the printing and distribution. Peter Riley led the new members walk, this year 14 people accompanied him There were 24 walkers and 3 guests on our Christmas walk and meal, led by Donald.. 18 walkers were introduced to the banks of the River Dene on the mince pie and mulled wine walk round Wilmslow led by Peter. Joyce’s pre 90th birthday celebration occurred last Thursday with 23 on the walk and 22 at the meal at the Miner’s Arms, all brilliantly organised by Lynn and Carol. Simon organised an informative session on the viewfinder app. for all those interested. I believe there is interest in another session for those who were unable to make the date.

I’d like to thank Adrian for getting us around Yoke Ridge in splendid weather conditions and every walk leader who has contributed to such a varied and enjoyable program. 10 members went on our 2019 holiday in Sedbergh and next year will see us in Lake Garda. So far 13 people have booked. Tonight’s refreshments are provided by Angela and Carol and the beverages by Peter.

Election of Committee Positions 2019/2020 :

Changing the constitution last year has caused some anomalies I was on my 3rd year as a committee member. in line the new constitution I would ask the members to nominate me for a further 3 years and to consider whether they would like me to remain as chair. Peter and Carol were co-opted onto the committee and can now stand for their first 3 year period. Angela and Donald were on their 4th. Year on the committee but I propose to extend this for another 2 years to cover the 6 year period that is now allowable . Bob has another 2 years before re-election

Topics for discussion:

Treasurers Report.


Walking programme - Sunday specials?

Walking holidays

Guild business - safeguarding.- risk assessment

Members issues

Any Other Business:

Date of next meeting:

The first Friday after half term November 2020. (to be confirmed)




1. Committee Members Present
Beverly Harrison (chair), Peter Attwell, Angela Legge, Carol McLaughlin

Donald Henderson

Members Present See below
Member’s apologies See below

2. Minutes of the previous AGM dated Friday 10th November 2017

These were accepted as a true and fair record.

Proposed by Lynn Davies
Seconded by Diana Baker

3. Matters Arising
There were no issues arising from the minutes.

4. Annual Report
See BH detailed comments on AGM agenda.

Key Points
Beverly opened the meeting very sensitively regarding the recent passing of our valued Treasurer Linda Swinburne (see AGM agenda)

Membership currently stands at 40.
New Members Walk, Christmas Lunch Walk and Mince pie Walk all proved successful.

5. Election of Committee Positions 2017/2018
Beverly Harrison was reconfirmed unanimously as Chair.

Peter Attwell and Carol McLaughlin were co-opted back on to the committee.

Bob Swinburne will join the committee taking over from Linda as Treasurer.
Bob has already proved to be a valuable asset by continually assisting with the walking Programme.

Proposed by Diana Baker
Seconded by David Taylor

6. Topics for Discussion

The constitution has been amended to the advantage of the walking group.
It is available for viewing on the website.

The main changes are to allow committee members to remain and serve for longer time periods.

A unanimous vote in agreement from all members followed.

Walking Programme
Peter and Tress Attwell are currently piloting shorter local walks as requested by several members.
The first walk was very well attended and enjoyed by 22 members.

Members Issues
Peter Attwell explained the advantages of coming under the Wilmslow Guild umbrella.

Currently standing at £61.

All members thanked Peter Attwell for continuing to update and notify everyone via the walking group website.

Peter is meeting with the Guild Principal shortly to discuss new website proposals.

Carol is going to liaise with the Guild development officer and the Guild PA regarding walk reports and photographs for Wilmslow Guild’s Facebook and Twitter accounts (not the walking group web site).

Angela is going to leave walking programmes in Wilmslow library.

Walking Holiday
HF Sedburgh 8th to 15th June 2019
8 members have booked.
There is still availability for this holiday either for a few days or a week.

7. AOB
After the recent death of Nigel McKinnnell (a long standing committee member and our website designer), Carol and Angela will be liaising together to make arrangements for a future walking programme to scatter his ashes on Mam Torr as requested by his wife.

8. Date of next AGM
Friday 8th November 2019 (to be confirmed)


Carol McLaughlin
Angela Legg
Joyce Smith
Lynn Davies
Peter Attwell
Tress Attwell
David Taylor
Adrian Apps
Sara Apps
Maire Casey
Beverly Harrison
Diana Baker
Bob Swinburne
Tim McCoy


Ellen Simpson
Peter Riley
Donald Henderson
Rose Montcreith
Marjorie McLoughlin
Barbara Langston
Jenny Coosey
Clare Pinder


1. Name
1.1. The name of the organisation shall be The Wilmslow Guild Walking Group, hereinafter referred to as The Group.
1.2. The Group shall be a constituent group of the Wilmslow Guild, hereinafter referred to as The Guild.

2. Objective
2.1. The objective of The Group shall be to promote walking as an activity of The Guild by the provision of a programme of walks for the benefit of members.

3. Membership
3.1. Membership of The Group shall be open to all members of The Guild on payment of a subscription.
3.2. Members who have contributed to the running of the club for a substantial period (and are aged 80 and over) may be awarded honary membership at the discretion of the committee.

4. General Meetings
4.1. The Group shall meet annually in a General Meeting (AGM) at a time determined by the committee.
4.2. The AGM shall be convened by the chairperson.
4.3. All members of The Group shall be eligible to attend and vote at a General Meeting.
4.4. The quorum for a General Meeting of The Group shall be one fifth of the paid-up membership.
4.5. At the AGM The Group shall elect a chairperson and committee for the purpose of organising the work of The Group.

5. Subscription
5.1. The annual subscription to be paid by members of The Group in any year shall be decided by the Executive Committee of the Guild. This shall be for one year (or part of one year) commencing in September and co-terminus with the Guild year.
5.2. A day walk capitation fee to be paid by non-members of The Group (whether Guild members or otherwise) shall be as agreed by The Group committee.

6. Chairperson and Committee
6.1. The committee shall consist of a chairperson and a minimum of three and a maximum of eight committee members. All shall be paid up members of The Group.

6.2. Chairperson
6.2.1. The chairperson shall be elected at the AGM by members of The Group present and shall serve for a period of one year until the end of the AGM next following.
6.2.2. The chairperson shall be eligible for re-election for two further terms of office of one year i.e. for three years in succession.
6.2.3. After this time the chairperson will be ineligible to serve as chairperson or as a member of the committee for a period of one year,unless by resolution of the members present at the AGM the chairperson is re-elected for a further term.
6.2.4. The chairperson shall be responsible for convening General Meetings of The Group, meetings of the committee and for reporting on the work of the committee to the AGM.
6.2.5. In the event of the chairperson being unable to attend a meeting of the committee/The Group, the committee members shall elect from amongst their number an acting chairperson for that meeting only.
6.2.6. In the event of the resignation of the chairperson during his/her term of office the committee shall convene for the purpose of electing from amongst their number, an acting chairperson to serve until the end of the AGM next following.

6.3. Committee Members
6.3.1. Vacancies on the committee shall be filled, by election at the AGM by the members of The Group present and shall serve for a period of three years.
6.3.2. Each committee member having served for three years shall be eligible for re-election for second term of office of three years i.e. for six years in succession.
6.3.3. After this time, a committee member may be re-elected despite having reached the limit of term served.
6.3.4. In the event of the resignation of a committee member, if it be during the third year of their term of office, the vacancy shall remain until the AGM next following: if it be during the first year of their term of office, a committee member shall be elected at the AGM next following to fill the casual vacancy and to serve for two years only.

6.4. Co-opted Members
6.4.1. Should the work of the committee require the support, assistance or expert knowledge of another person, the committee shall have the right to co-opt such a person to join the committee either for an agreed limited period or until the AGM next following which ever is the shorter.
6.4.2. A co-opted committee member shall have similar voting rights to a full committee member in respect of their specialist area or work/knowledge only.
6.4.3. At no time shall the number of co-opted committee members exceed four.

7. Committee Work
7.1. The Committee shall meet as often as is necessary in order to fulfil their responsibilities.
7.2. The quorum for a committee meeting shall be three, i.e. chairperson and two members or three members.
7.3. The chief task of the committee shall be to plan and arrange a programme of walks throughout the year.
7.4. The programme shall be produced so that it is available from time to time.
7. 5. A further task of the committee shall be to promote the activities of The Group within The Guild.

8. Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM)
8.1. The chairperson shall call an EGM either :-
a) at the request of all committee members either present or in writing or
b) in response to a written and signed request of one third of the full paid up members of The Group.
8.2. The EGM shall be for the purpose of putting before the membership one specific issue only. No business other than that for which the EGM is called, shall be considered at an EGM.
8.3. The chairperson shall give members not less than 14 days notice in writing of an EGM, noting the purpose of the meeting.

9. Changes to the Constitution
9.1 Any proposed changes to this constitution may beadopted by members of The Group in General Meeting.

10. Winding-up/Dissolution of the Group
10.1 Any proposal to wind up The Group shall be the subject of an EGM

11. Revision of Constitution
11.1 This constitution shall be subject to review by the membership of The Group not more than ten years from the date of its adoption.

Adoption by the Wilmslow Guild Walking Group in General Meeting on Friday 11th January 2019

Chairperson ………………………………………………………

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