AGM Meeting Minutes

Wilmslow Guild Walking Group

13th Annual General Meeting Friday 11th November 2011

Chairperson: Beverly Harrison

Committee Members Present: Peter Attwell, Nigel McKinnell, Linda Swinburne, Donald Henderson, Bob Hunter.

Members Present (22) and Apologies (10): See Attached.

Minutes of Previous AGM Meeting on 12th November 2010 were approved without change.

Proposed: Gill Turner; Seconded Chris Turner.

The Chairperson’s Annual Report was circulated to members and issues arising are detailed below:-

a) Mention was made of a full programme of very enjoyable walks and our walking holiday in Spain.

b) Our web site has seen an increase in activity due in part to the e-mail trigger. Concern was expressed about our ability to communicate with members who do not have access to this source.

c) Membership has remained stable this year. Some persons seem more interested on coming on specific walks than in joining the Group officially.

d) We need more help to run the Group’s activities as certain Members are retiring – see later.

e) Two of our active members David Andrews and Jim Benson passed away during the year

f) The Chairperson thanked Gill and Chris Turner for preparing supper, Linda Swinburne for the remembrance day cakes, Terry McLaughlin for putting together the photographic presentation of our Spanish holiday and members of the current Committee for their support during the year.

Election of Committee Members for 2011/2012.

Beverly Harrison has to resign but is willing to be co-opted. Nigel Mc Kinnell and Bob Hunter were co-opted to the Committee last year and are willing to stand if elected. Heather Brown has resigned. Linda Swinburne, Peter Attwell and Donald Henderson are prepared to continue as Members.

On a motion from the floor all current members willing to stand on the Committee were re-elected. In addition Mary Andrews will join the Committee after being proposed by Tress Attwell and seconded by all members.

Beverly Harrison was re-elected as Chairperson by members present.

Peter Attwell will continue to be our Guild Representative

Topics for Discussion

Donald Henderson circulated a draft programme of walks for Winter/Spring and requested leaders to fill the gaps. In future our programme will cover the periods April/September and October/March.

Web use has already been mentioned. Information on our holiday in June, the need for photographs of our walks and changes to members details were areas that need attention. There is also a lack of leaders reporting the outcome of their walks.

Our walking weekend holiday in 2012 will be in Montgomeryshire and 22 persons have booked to date. Members can join for the day. For 2013 members indicated they would be interested in a walking holiday either at home or abroad.


It would appear members wishing to participate in shorter walks are not prepared to lead them and it was concluded a mix of walk types is preferred.

Paul Riordan the new principal of the Guild expressed an interest in participating in our group and this offer will be explored later by Donald Henderson.

Start time on Sundays should remain the same i.e. 8.30hrs.

It was agreed Committee members would meet on Tuesday 22nd November 2011 at the Guild commencing at 2.30pm.

There followed a photographic presentation by Terry McLaughlin and Members enjoyed supper prepared by Gill and Chris Turner.

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